Minimoon 2017

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: In recognition of the year’s smallest full moon. Because big things come in little packages. Strawberry, fig, honey (vegan), tomato leaf, violet, and benzoin.

3 thoughts on “Minimoon 2017”

  1. Had a goal to not compare any of these scents to perfumes from other houses, but this one is unavoidable: sweet thick fig and honey that share a strong, pungent similarity to what I get from BPAL O and Snake Oil. Prominently fig and honey, plus tomato leaf and powdery violet; they make for a strange dish that strikes me as more gourmand than expected. Strawberry is a bare hint if there at all. Benzoin doesn’t stand out to me immediately, but I know it’s churning underneath. As it warms on skin, it pops out to further thicken the mix with resin. The bad news side of this is extremely subjective… I’m unsure how to describe why this kind of scent is so gross on me, but it is. Something about the combo of a thick, sweet note and ambers/vanillas/some resins/anything powdery (either individually or some mix of these) does bad, bad things on my skin. Like those examples, Minimoon is thick, sweet, powdery, a wee bit creamy, and trying to be sexy, but failing nightmarishly on my skin. This is good for anyone who enjoys whatever that connective “sexy” thing is that BPAL does, but awful for me and anyone else who cannot stand it.

  2. Very strong on strawberry, which is a little jammy, with a touch of fig and the barest hint of honey. There’s also a little balsamic edge from the benzoin. This reads as very warm to me too. I wish I got more tomato leaf, but maybe with more rest!

  3. This is so very fruity-sweet, reminds me of a healthy strawberry green shake. But I wouldn’t call it a gourmand, the tomato leaf makes it unique and garden-y. Very nice!

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