Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: You can’t find her in the evening fog, but you can hear her cries. Peach blossom, honeysuckle, sage, fern, tuberose, dragon’s blood, clove, and smoked vanilla.

3 thoughts on “Nightjar”

  1. Peachy greens and honeysuckle! That peach is fresh and lovely. A punch of extra fruitiness and incense from dragon’s blood, balanced so well with clove and tuberose. The vanilla is indeed a bit smokey and not at all cloying or over indulgent. Wonderful. Long lasting and worth loving.

  2. Smells like a dark, Southern night. Warm, fruity, with a little something ominous in the background while wet. Dries down to a pleasant honeysuckle.

  3. A lot of a sugary sweet peach, with some green from the fern and grounded with dragons’ blood and vanilla. Pretty good, and I don’t usually like sweet fruity scents, but this is just fruity enough without being little-girly.

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