Once is Enough

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Fig, sugarplums and black cherries, almond, frankincense, and star anise.

1 thought on “Once is Enough”

  1. Sugar, thick dark fruit, cherry, and anise. Anise is not my friend. This one isn’t as immediately grotesque as other anise powerhouses offered by TSS, but it’s still potent as hell. Everything in here is amped to 11, almond included, except for the frank, which I can’t yet distinguish. Weirdly, despite my reaction to this, all the notes seem to fit. Thick, juicy dark fruits, sugar, almond, and anise all go very well together, apparently. I see the appeal this would have with the right crowd. As it dries it softens, and even I don’t hate it so much. Starts losing much of the juiciness with the added affect of the anise “drying” this out a bit more. Frank is blooming a little, and I want to like this but you gotta be an anise fan to really get into it. Wanted this to wear longer to get a better feel for it, but alas this one evaporates quickly.

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