Put a Spell on You

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description:

“Your wretched little lives have all been cursed,
‘Cause of all the witches working, I’m the worst.”

Spiked punch, nutmeg, dragon’s blood, black musk, and star anise.

2 thoughts on “Put a Spell on You”

  1. Crazy potent anise. Oh my god, it’s so strong. Smells like an anise-lover’s dream, especially if you’re into a darker blend, but it is my nightmare. I can tell there’s black musk involved but I don’t want to try and distinguish anything else. The anise is making my jaw clench. Had to wash this one off.

  2. This is one of the weaker perfumes I’ve tried. Blind, it’s a little fruity plus something else, which I think is anise. It’s pretty nondescript and overall not a ton of anything.

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