Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description:  Peach skin, suede, cedarwood, cinnamon, jasmine, amber, gunpowder, and sawgrass crushed underfoot.

4 thoughts on “Screamer”

  1. Assaulted by suede (which smells more like an in-between of suede and “wet” black leather rather than the soft, dry stuff I was expecting), cinnamon, and gunpowder. Peach pops up next, and altogether it makes a weird wet suede and spicy peach mix. Suede eventually calms down and the peach powers through with the addition of floral grass. Cedar is pretty tame. Despite calming down, the wet suede note is still extremely potent. On the plus side, the peach is great! Not syrupy, candied, or otherwise altered. A very warm, summery blend that I would enjoy if that suede was a dry as I wanted it to be. Roughly an hour+ later this smells more like what I wanted. Peach dominates nicely; spiced and grassy, floral suede (regular suede!) smoothed and backed by amber and wood. But the wait is long.

  2. I don’t think I am the target audience for this scent. It mostly smells like whitish flowers to me, and I don’t know enough to say which ones. After wearing it for a short while, I get a little bit of something sweet and a little powdery, which reminds me of SweeTarts candy or something similar.

  3. This is one of those strange atmospherics that TSS really excels at. I can’t really even describe this scent- it combines a slightly tart peachiness, suede, cinnamon, and florals with a metallic gunpowder and woodiness, into something that smells utterly unique. It’s kind of warm, kind of floral, a bit metallic and atmospheric, slightly spiced. It’s good but slightly confusing. The cinnamon did give me a bit of a skin reaction, however, so patch test with care.

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