Slipped Between His Teeth

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Ambergris, white florals, cedarwood, bone meal, blackcurrant, and marjoram.

3 thoughts on “Slipped Between His Teeth”

  1. This scent did not smell anything how I thought it would. Right off the bat I get a spicy herbal scent with what seems like rubbing alcohol. It’s a very masculine like aftershave type scent.

  2. Ambergris forward and beautiful. White florals, cedar, and blackcurrant are all known enemies of mine but somehow they are gorgeous, inoffensive, and perfectly balanced together. Blackcurrant adds a somewhat murky sweetness that’s cut with white florals that aren’t heavily indolic. Cedar is the backdrop and doesn’t do the hamster cage thing. Mint-ish marjoram brings a nice touch of green. Topping everything is the ambergris, giving a seaworthy edge. Something about this almost wants to be a ridiculously nice xmas candle (somehow…) but it never quite gets there, thankfully. This smells like cool grey melancholy, and brings me home to the New England coast.

  3. This is a lovely floral…. but something else is in there that I keep reading as peach?? There’s something more complex than just white florals. And there’s a little kick on down that I’m assuming is the marjoram. It’s not my absolute favorite by TSS, but it’s very nice.

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