The Drowned Choir

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Black oak, cypress, swamp mud, ambergris, moss, elderberry, and honeysuckle.

3 thoughts on “The Drowned Choir”

  1. Lovely ambergris pairing so well with honeysuckle and oak. There is a thick, grounding backdrop of woods, moss, and mud (earthy but there is a touch of something wet). This is a romanticized perfume version of a swamp rather than a realistic interpretation, but I’m so pleased with how swampy it manages to be. Elderberry is hovering near the top, trying to add a brighter berry-sweetness, but it only partially succeeds. Similar to Slipped Between His Teeth, but Drowned is a bit brighter/less dreary and feels more Southern to me than Teeth.

  2. Surprisingly sweet, kind of dark? The sweetness draws back and it smells a little … boggy? A little wet, kind of dark still, but it doesn’t smell green. Maybe earthy is a better descriptor. This confounds me!

  3. This scent brings takes me to the middle of the woods on the East Coast…but sexier. Seriously! I don’t know why but this scent is intoxicating. It is a fairly deep woody fragrance with a very slight sweetness brought on by the honeysuckle.

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