The Shell’s Here, But the Nut is Gone

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Spilled honey (vegan), brown sugar, and cinnamon over apple skins and peanut dust.

1 thought on “The Shell’s Here, But the Nut is Gone”

  1. Heavy on the honey, but the honey isn’t heavy. Vegan honey always smells very pale to me and this time is no different. The scent doesn’t so much dry quickly as it smells dry very quickly when worn, which amplifies the peanuts. Yeah, this scent is super dry between the peanut dust and cinnamon, which is noticeable but tame and doesn’t overpower. Honey goes dry too, like someone spilled the jar and it dried and hardened there, rather than remaining wet and lush. Sweet, but not as sweet as I expected between honey and brown sugar. Getting apple, but not prominent, so we’ll go with apple skins rather than fleshy apple. Even the apple is dry! Smells like someone made dessert a few hours ago and has yet to clean the leftover ingredients abandoned on the countertop. Eventually the cinnamon does strengthen, but doesn’t bulldoze anything over.

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