Black Widow

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Chocolate covered berries, bitter coffee, and dank bud.

Released: Spring & Summer 2019

1 thought on “Black Widow”

  1. Yes, the gang’s all here. The bud is clear but inoffensive; wearing this doesn’t make me reek of weed. This is a fresher shade of marijuana green, uplifted by the berries but grounded and sweetened with chocolate and coffee. Smells like a delicious snack. I’ve really come to admire the straight chocolate note TSS uses, it’s so dark and smooth and real. Everything blends together more thoroughly as this dries and the chocolate, once prominent, takes a backseat. Starting to get a bit blah with the berries popping out as the most noticeable note – I think my skin is eating this one. Much prefer the fresh wet stage over this dry down: wet, this is thicker, headier, and wonderfully unique/tasty; dry, on me it becomes a shadow of its former self. To counter this I dabbed some oil on my hoodie and I 1000% enjoyed the comforting, scrumptious cloud I sat in. For someone who dislikes pot IRL I think the bud is an excellent contributor.

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