Mother Wild

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Green tea, red wine, orchid, dew, and deadfall.

Released: Spring & Summer 2019

1 thought on “Mother Wild”

  1. Right out of the bottle this smells like kitty litter – fresh, unused, and scented, at least (I blame the orchid and dew entirely for that clean floral mood). Luckily it’s a lot more nuanced on skin. The green tea and wine add a very interesting and quite pretty depth. Dead leaves are there but faint. Dry down is fantastic: begone, kitty litter; hello woody deadfall, murky green tea, and deep red wine. As a whole this is a lot murkier and smells very “dark green” – this is not a light, bright green tea. Still has a soft touch of dewy orchid for some clean floral, but happily tempered and pushed to the background. Much later, the mood has shifted again (!); much of the murkiness has ebbed away, the scent now refocusing on the clean floral but without the cat litter association this time. Deadfall is much lighter, the green tea less dark and more tea-like, and the wine has eased up be a hell of a lot. Quite the morpher.

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