Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Opoponax, bitter almond, fennel, black pine sap, orchid, and ozone.

2 thoughts on “Totality”

  1. First impression is “false almonds,” like a kid’s toy with a plasticky almond scent. A strange start, but I can pick out why. Opoponax is often too powdery on me, and that’s happening here. The fennel is very strong. Almond is bitter as advertised and meshing with the previous notes to come across weirdly plasticky. Ozone and pine float around in the background but nothing else competes with the trifecta of blegh on my skin that is opoponax+fennel+almond. Eventually fennel overpowers everything else.

  2. I imagine people either loving or hating this one. It’s definitely unconventional – very strong, heavy, almost smoky? I’m guessing it’s the opoponax. The notes are so well blended I can’t pick them separately. I’d recommend this for those craving bold heavy unusual scents.

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