Amber Earth

Brand: Traveling Vardo

Scent Description: Amber Earth…. The finest natural essences and ancient sacred resins from around the world are pulled together here – amber resin, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, blood cedar, and vetiver… with a rich, sweet, balsamic note from labdanum to round it out, and a few other little proprietary gems to balance it all.

Amber is a very wide-ranging and loosely defined term that encompasses a broad spectrum of scents. This particular one is an exquisite concoction of rich, earthy, complex beauty that’s right at home on both the ladies and the gents. Comprised of 100% natural essential oils, resins, absolutes, and essences.

This one is in the same sort of vein as my Nomad and Artorius blends, so if you’re a fan of one or both of those you may like Amber Earth as well. It’s a bit lighter bodied than Nomad and without the prominent Patchouli note it contains, and missing the prominent oakmoss of Artorius, but for those who love a “natural” amber this one is likely to tickle your fancy. I’d classify it as unisex.

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