Brand: Traveling Vardo

Scent Description: Chuparosa… Ahhhhh, the elegant hummingbird, whose tiny breast harbors the heart of a warrior! Don’t let that demure stature fool you – their size belies their ferocity. They will fight one another as well as animals much larger than themselves to defend their territory. In fact, the Chayma Indians believed these tiny creatures to be the physical manifestation of their warrior ancestors, with each bird guarding its descendants.

My Chuparosa perfume is as enigmatic as these delicate yet fierce tiny winged creatures – sweet musk and opulent fruity fantasy floral notes together with rich, buttery amber and sandalwood. It goes on somewhat understated and airy, but blooms magnificently on the skin, with a rich, elegant dry down and fabulous tenacity.

1 thought on “Chuparosa”

  1. This starts off beautifully on me. It smells exactly what I think a hummingbird would smell like with flowery nectar. This stage doesn’t last long on my skin before it amps the white musk like crazy. It’s not bad but I wish the first stages lasted a bit longer. I still found myself slathering this on though. I do like it! It’s an addictive, beautiful, feminine, scent.

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