Brand: Traveling Vardo

Scent Description: Seraphim… This is a darkly angelic blend of soft white florals scattered over a bed of black vanilla and Egyptian musk. Vanilla with a bite!

What customers are saying about Seraphim:

“I took a risk on this one, since most vanilla fragrance oils gives me a headache. This one is that wonderful warm vanilla that smells delicious, not nauseating. If you are a vanilla fan go for this one!”

“My absolute FAVORITE perfume. Love love love it, this scent is so addictive! Like vanilla except a million times better.”

“Love love love this! I’m gonna smell like everyone’s dream come true. Thanks!!”

“What a rich yet soft and beautiful scent! Dreamy!”

“Oh.My.Goodness! This is the candy store of perfume oils! Delicious and beautiful scents! I love Seraphim!”

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