Brand: Traveling Vardo

Scent Description: Strumpet… Rich, resinous amber and heady Moroccan rose are spiked with clove absolute and sweetened with almond pastries and heavy golden cake, embraced in the seductive melding of a trio of musks – red, ebony, and deep vanilla.

This starts out on my skin as golden, richly spiced almond pastries… then the clove absolute really comes to the forefront for a bit, and just when I think that’s all I’m going to get from this blend, the gorgeous Moroccan Rose peeks her lovely visage out, and slowly but surely the clove, while still very present, mellows into a delicious aged spice note and the musks appear. The end result is a lightly spiced amber rose with the faintest kiss of sweet musk and yellow cakes.

This has fabulous tenacity on my skin.

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