3 thoughts on “Deadite”

  1. I have this in the perfume oil and the lotion – mainly because I liked the name. I’m wary of patch and wouldn’t have got it (let alone in two formats) if I weren’t a nerd for the Evil Dead series – but fortunately, on me, this isn’t a patch forward sent. The patchouli might lend a bit of background darkness or earthiness, but there’s no stank. This is mostly dark blackberries, heavy pepper, a single wisp of something lightly incense-y and something a lot like warm, damp, turned-over soil. Dark and interesting, kind of cosy in a weird way, but ultimately kind of odd. I like it, but it’s a very specific kind of smell – one only for those times where it’s appropriate to smell ‘kind of odd’ – and definitely a scent for cold, dark, damp winter nights.

  2. Jammy blackberries with a darker base. Eventually settles down and then I can smell the patchouli and faint black pepper.

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