Brand: Twisted Wonderland

Scent Description: A unique combination of weathered book pages, leather, pipe tobacco, and a waft of blackberry bordeaux.

Released: Oh, The Horror Collection

2 thoughts on “Necronomicon”

  1. Books, old pages, with a hint of something sweeter- the blackberry. And some leather. Love it. But then fades to just blackberry wine.

  2. On me this is straight up blackberry syrup and leather. It is VERY sweet but the leather helps to balance out th gourmand-y feel. I don’t get a whole lot of tobacco or book over the stronger elements. This has higher than average throw and lasts 4-6 hours on me (the EDP lasts a bit longer than the oil). This isn’t the most complex scent I own, but I do enjoy it and it’s unique from what I’ve seen. Not everyone needs this, but if you’re interested in the two notes I get strongly out of it I would recommend picking up a sample.

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