Third Times The Charm

Brand: Twisted Wonderland

Scent Description: “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” This scent consisting of strong spearmint blended with sweet sugar cookies is sure to make your millennium!

Released: Oh, The Horror Collection

2 thoughts on “Third Times The Charm”

  1. Toothpaste and butter. Not for me. The two aspects kind of clashed between very clean, chemical mint and way-too-buttery sugar gourmand cookies in a way which turned my stomach upon first try. Upon resting, it’s a little better, but there is still something that makes me feel a little ill about the mix of richness and crispness that I haven’t struggled with in other vanilla-mint blends. Ultimately, this is a miss for me, but I think it’s a mix of my nose and skin chemistry rather than any fault with the perfume.

  2. The first time I tried this one I didn’t like it. Now that’s it has rested for 6(?) months, it has totally changed on my skin. The spearmint is strong and crisp at first and I get wafts of sugar cookie dough. Now the sugar cookie smell is prominent with the spearmint hanging closer to the skin. I am happy I let this one rest and gave it another try.

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