Rune Caster

Brand: Valhalla Soap Co.

Scent Description: (A collaborative blend formulated by Valhalla Soap Co. & Bitten By Books ) Sweet notes of cotton candy and caramel drizzled over heady florals of rose, jasmine, sweet heliotrope and geranium with resinous juniper and amber on a heavy base of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.

1 thought on “Rune Caster”

  1. Hard to describe, but I do really enjoy this scent. I wouldn’t say you could pick any note out individually with ease. It’s sweet (but not as candied as you might expect), a little woodsy, and a little spicy which helps to ground the sweetness. The sweetness has a sort of jamminess to it that works well with the woods. I get an impression that is ALMOST smoky from the woods and spicy geranium. I think that helps to temper the rich sweetness + resins.

    The notes for this look similar to Pink Sugar, so I assume if you wanted a slightly darker version, this might suit. It’s definitely not an overt floral like you might expect from the notes.

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