White Rose & Vetiver

Brand: Valhalla Soap Co.

Scent Description: Crisp Lemon and sparkling pear dance above White Rose, Muguet and Geranium Leaves; followed by back notes of Blue Spruce and Musk; all enhanced by hints of cooling vetiver and Mint.

1 thought on “White Rose & Vetiver”

  1. I get the lemon and pear right up front. If the lemon in Il-lemon-ahti was too much for you, you’ll probably like this one better. The pear sweetens the lemon prettily without stealing the show. The geranium almost scared me off of this one, but it accentuates the rose and lemon beautifully and I think it’s what makes the combination work. The mint and spruce aren’t pronounced to my nose, really serving to provide a cooling, fresh feel to the scent.

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