Skin: Feminine

Brand: Wild Veil

Scent Description: Honey-vanilla-molasses-rose skin notes: rose water dried on a sun tan. Feminine skin notes radiating from an intense golden elixir. This perfume will smell different on everyone, amplifying your own unique skin scent. With very little to no top note, Skin is intended to bloom with subtlety like the gradual heat rising off of skin as it’s warmed by the sun. This is not to say it is an “amber musk.” It rolls through tropical humidity, dry musk, and the ineffable aroma of a body coming in from the outside. Although Skin has longevity unusual in a natural perfume, it’s not a big projector. Intimate but elusive, like the scent of skin on the brink of perspiration, the breath of a suntan, or the perfume of a lover’s neck. Although Skin: Feminine contains feminine energetics, it can be worn by any gender.

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