Fairy Lily

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description: A fragrance so beautiful and so elegant it almost invokes the sense of standing in a fairytale forest surrounded by the clusters of snow white flowers. This is the delicate beauty of a hidden patch of Lily of the Valley that perfumes the breeze.

1 thought on “Fairy Lily”

  1. Full disclosure: I have never smelled an actual lily of the valley. However, I have smelled La Lavande Lily of the valley soap. It smells like a sweet floral, with a hint of green. It is perfect, it actually smells like a flower without smelling like grass or “perfume”. That being said, it doesn’t last that long on my skin, and it doesn’t have great throw. It kind of smells cold, weirdly. Not minty, it just doesn’t have that warm floral sensation. Almost like a flower on a very new, cold spring day.

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