Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description: Lavishly rich, Fireborn is sweet and deep…a dark fragrance with layers of black cocoa powder, crushed tonka beans, ambrette seeds, roasted coffee, dewy vanilla beans, crystallized amber, dried orange peel, with a hint of woodsmoke.

Released: Harvest Collection

2 thoughts on “Fireborn”

  1. I cannot say enough good things about this! Because my skin chem goes crazy with vanilla this opens with a strong blast of rich vanilla ice cream, but once it’s had some time on the skin it really shows its true colors. A deep, warm, ambery base of the vanilla, cocoa, and tonka, with the occasional hint (just the barest hint!) of citrus zest, and juuuust the right amount of smoke to keep it from going haywire like most perfumes with smoke notes tend to go on me. I’m not looking for a ‘signature scent’ but if I was, this could be it.

  2. No patchouli is listed in the notes, but both my partner and I got overwhelming patchouli with spices and a hint of warm dark chocolate floating around it. As someone who works with chocolate all day every day I’ll say the chocolate note rings true, and truly is dark, about like our 77% bars. But the patch ruins it for us. I don’t mind patch if it doesn’t trigger my asthma and doesn’t stand out from the other notes (like in Alkemia’s As Dark Things Are Meant to Be Loved), but this is a very patch-as-the-star scent. If you love a good patchouli scent and want it with dark chocolate and spices, you need thi

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