Abominably Adorable

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description:

Abominably Adorable is sweet, warm, and utterly inviting. The scent of fire scorched marshmallows, steamed vanilla infused milk, a touch of fire warmed white amber, and a whisper of crushed alpine flowers.

The Story

Baby it’s cold outside, but cold hands mean warm hearts. Always watching from the edges, always seeing love and life pass him by. He dreams of the day he’ll find his own pretty lady to walk arm and arm with. He imagines their first date. He knows he can make it perfect. There would be ice skating…this time the ice would be thick enough. There would be hot cocoa and melting marshmallows by the fire….this time he’d only build a tiny fire. There would be an impromptu snowball fight…he’d make the snowballs MUCH smaller. The date would end with whispers and snuggles in a fluffy cozy blanket….this time he’d definitely not wrap the blanket up like a sack to “escort” his lady home.

He knows it will happen for him one day. What’s not to love about a ten foot tall, fuzzy, humanoid who loves to bake, knit, and is partial to tassels? You know like they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. So he sits in his ice cave knitting sweaters and cozies, snacking on marshmallows, and dreaming of the perfect lady to cuddle up with dreaming winter dreams.

Released: Halloween Collection

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