Friend of Jack

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description:

A luscious autumn spice with a touch of foreboding.  Ripe pumpkin, dry grass, charred wood, black peppercorns, ambered musk,  dry tobacco leaves, and a hint of woodsmoke.

The Story

Have you ever been walking in the woods on a golden autumn afternoon and for no particular reason something just off the path and catches your eye?  A face, you were sure you saw, but disappeared the moment you looked that way.  Perhaps there was a peculiar rustle in the leaves that made you look back or a feeling on the back of your neck that there was just something beyond.  As the days shorten and the leaves burst into the colors of their swan song, he starts looking.  October marches on and as the nights deepen, the veil seems to fray.  The shadows seem to warn of something, something lurking.  Jack is searching.  He slips between the trees, dances in the shadows, and is quite partial to cornfields.   Don’t be frightened though, he’s only looking for a friend….or at least that is what he tells you when he beckons you to the edge of the forest.

Released: Halloween Collection

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