Lovesick & Undead

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description:

The scent of long lost love and mortality. 

Notes of antiqued woods, aged vanilla, smoked saffron, and a hint of dried rose and wildflower honey.

The Story

Vampires are old things.  They’ve walked the earth for centuries but in trade, lost everyone they’ve ever loved.  They tend to build up walls, and no one can really blame them.   Their greatest gift of immortality can also be their greatest pain.  It happens however, at least once, to even the hardest of vampires…they slip, they fall in love.  It may be the sun flecked highlights glistening in her hair, or her summer sky blue eyes.  She reminds him of his lost life, his lost humanity, his lost sun.  Once it happens, he falls in love fast and hard.    He loves her warmth, her delicate body, the passion and fear of life that all mortals possess.   He loves her mortality too much to turn her and as happens with all fragile humans the light of her life vanishes one day.  So he sits, locked away in the damp and dark pining for his lost love.  He obsesses over her memory, etching the details deep into his mind.  The days roll into years, years to centuries, and he walks on, alone and grieving for his lost love and  lost sun.

Released: Halloween Collection

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