Wrapped Up in You

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description:

Notes of: Myrrh, warm milk, golden honey, frankincense, rosewood, old world spice, dried tobacco leaves, and incense smoke.  Wrapped Up in You goes on sweet and comforting and dries down to a more complex dry honey scent.

The Story

Older man seeking fresh young woman for a long term relationship.
He is warm and sensuous and loves comfortable nights at home.  His last relationship went a bit stale, so he is getting out in the dating scene again and looking for a new love.  This is one guy who doesn’t mind waiting for Ms. Right.  His courtship ritual is quite that, a ritual.  He’ll draw you a nice bath of warm milk swirled with golden honey.   After a good long soak he’ll provide you with only the finest cuddly cotton to dry you.  The mummy loves lavish scents (anything to cover up that pesky scent of  packing dust).  He will adorn you with myrrh and frankincense and perhaps the faintest touch of spice.  The Mummy is one guy who is not afraid of commitment.  Once he’s found the right girl, he’s in it for the long haul (and so is she).

Released: Halloween Collection

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