In the Glow

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description: There is just something about light in the winter. Whether it is the low slung sun or the multitudes of glorious tiny strung bulbs, the light has a way of surrounding, wrapping those with open eyes and hearts in it’s glow.  Notes of blackamber plum, pomegranate, sweet vanilla musk, amber crystals, and dried sweet grass. In the Glow is warm, sweet, inviting and seductive.

Released: Season of Light Collection

1 thought on “In the Glow”

  1. You can pretty much disregard the specific notes for this one, it really is just warm, sweet, and inviting. The fruity notes vanish almost immediately on me, but leave behind a deliciously cozy sugared vanilla amber that reminds me of B&BW’s Sensual Amber in all the best ways (plus has the added bonus of being from an indie brand instead of a ubiquitous and obnoxious mall presence). It lacks some of the intensity of other fragrances I’ve tried from this house, but it’s still in no way ‘weak.’ It’s just the right level for something to wear to bed, or maybe a small spritz on your pillow.

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