Northern Cross

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description:

She had the heart of a way finder and explorer. She knew she wouldn’t stop until she saw the world and every wonder her eyes could take in. She never took her eyes off the path in front of her except at night. At night, she looked to the sky. If she could find the Northern Cross, she could find home and one day when her eyes were finally full, she’d follow the it home.

The Northern Cross is an asterism (grouping of stars that do not make up an official constellation) that is actually part of the large constellation Cygnus, or the swan, and consist of the brightest stars in that constellation. High overhead in the summer months in the northern latitudes, the Northern Cross also forms the backbone of the Milky Way. The center of the Milky Way runs straight through the Northern Cross.

The fragrance of deep blue waters and night skies. Fresh, full of sweet ozone, night blooming flowers, white patchouli, and sheer musk. Unisex

Released: Celestial Collection

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