Rare Moon

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description: She waits silently. The forest around her seems to hold its breath. Moonlight pools into the clearing and she imagines it flowering like a silent stream past her where it disappears, swallowed by the night. She reaches out her fingers and lets them dance in the light. She closes her eyes and imagines the light is tangible and she feels it weave a soft warmth, engulfing her fingers and grasping her wrist. She opens her eyes and it is his hand in hers. His black eyes pour into her and his breath weaves a sheer curtain that dances around them. “Tonight is a rare moon.” he says as a smile flits over the corners of his mouth.
A fragrance that is delicately sweet but deep and passionate. Delicate vanilla essence, sugared amber musk, dark vetiver, juiced plums, and white orchid.

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