Stolen One

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description: There are stories of children whisked away by fairies that take their place in the human world. Tales of children who live their lives as wild ones in the forest.
She lived among the trees and the rocks and the babbling stream as clear and crisp as the air. Her hair a mess of tangles and her skin scented of her bed of leaves and the wild free wind. She heard tales of those who lived their lives in boxes, who never felt the earth beneath their feet, who never hear the call of crows echoing through the trees and who never breathed the sweet fresh air spiked with early morning mist. If those stories were true, she felt a deep sorrow for those creatures and knew with every fiber of herself that she was where she belonged. Dry woods, tonka beans, earthy musk, beeswax, caramelized benzoin, tobacco leaves, and sweet bergamot.

1 thought on “Stolen One”

  1. This is very very soapy on me and tends to give me a headache, think it must be the musk. Don’t get any of the tobacco, bergamot or woods/ benzoin either sadly as I love those notes, it’s just straight up laundry sheets and soap on my skin 🙁
    A lover of clean laundry frags though would like this and it lasts forever on me, I can still smell it lingering on my skin the next morning after a whole day and night.

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