Like Sugar and Flowers

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description: She closed her journal and rolled onto her back. The cool dampness of the spring washed ground a stark contrast to her sunwarmed back. She could smell the new grass and the sweet flower nectars, feel the late morning sun on her face, hear the birds titter to each other and the lazy bees flower hop around her. There was a hundred places she needed to be and a million things to do but something in the garden held her today. She laid and felt and heard and smelled
and she decided that today, she only had time for her favorite things….like sugar and flowers.

A flirtatious blend of sweet sugars with a demure twist spring flowers. It is innocent and flirtatious all in one.
Notes of red raspberry, crushed strawberries, wild honeysuckle, raw sugar, pink musk, and bergamot spiked white sandalwood

Released: Boho Garden Collection

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