Calypso Cove

Brand: Wylde Ivy

Scent Description:

Crystal sunshine flows from her hair and pools in her wake like a veil. She wears a simple dress of the sheerest blue, that some people swear is nothing more than the sea itself.
When she sings, pure white flowers spill from her hands.
She weeps at the beauty of the world everyday and those tears, they turn to pearls.
When she dreams, the air around her smells like peaches and coconut.
If you believe the stories of Calypso Cove, those who carry sunshine in their hearts can follow the sea to find the nymph who crafts flowers and pearls, who wears the sea and sun, and who will see you for all the simple beauty that you are.

Notes of sweet bergamot, sugar dipped gardenias, glistening peach nectar, white sandalwood, raw vanilla beans, and fresh cracked coconut

Released: Seaside Collection

1 thought on “Calypso Cove”

  1. A beautiful, light, easy summer perfume. Warm and creamy from the sandalwood and coconut, fresh from the peaches. The perfect golden sunset late summer kind of perfume.
    I loved that the bottle came in pretty tissue wrap, like a present, and the free sample included too.

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