Scent Description:

I chose just a gorgeous blend of green tea and soft jasmine. It’s a grounded, laid back scent that’ll help you zen out.

PSA: sometimes jasmine goes mothy on me. This is not that kinda jasmine. It’s really quite light and beautiful. it’s also nothing like my smutty jasmine note in Bettie!

3 thoughts on “Zenning”

  1. It’s a very slightly soapy jasmine, but not in the usual way, if that makes sense? More like shampoo. There’s some bitterness like overstepped green tea. A lot of musk but softer than it usually is for Alpha Musk. Once it settles it’s quite nice with a super realistic green tea.

  2. This smells exactly like a warm cup of green jasmine tea. The jasmine is gentle and beautiful. I much prefer this to Alkemia’s Haiku, in which the jasmine was much more “perfume-y”(plus aldehydes).

  3. The jasmine in this is quite tame as far as jasmine goes, it’s not dirty at all and pairs well with the clean sharpness of the green tea. My friend has jasmine growing in front of his house and this smells like standing out in the driveway on a cool night (as cool as it gets in SoCal anyway) with the flowers’ scent on the breeze.

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