Dr. Zomg’s Renovative Cherry Bitters

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

Bitters: another health drink that wasn’t. Unlike most patent medicines, they weren’t primarily used to get schnockered on–at least not directly. The standard approach to tip some of the mysterious, pungent potion into your straight bootleg hooch and thereby treat (or pre-treat) the hangover you had every intention of earning. Add a little sugar to the mix, some ice, and you’ve got the venerable Old Fashioned. Add a squish of citrus juice to that, and depending on your base spirit you’ve got about half a million different things, most of which are very slightly better for you than chugging straight out of the jar of white lightning.

Bitters come (or came) in tons of varieties, dominated by anise or citrus or mint or gentian or…pretty much anything, depending on the whim of the compounder. Cherry is definitely Dr. Zomg’s favorite, even if it has yet to cure a hangover or anything other than a boring glass of liquor. She makes hers with sweet cherry fruit, bitter cherry pits, grapefruit rind, galangal root, geranium leaf, grains of paradise, and brandy.

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