The Stuff

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

This actually happened because someone lamented a really expensive, recently popular French perfume being so expensive, so I asked what it smelled like… and then whipped something up in surprisingly little time that she said smelled just like it! Two sandalwoods, Atlas cedarwood essential oil, and a touch of bergamot turn into a remarkably sophisticated blend on any skin I’ve yet tested, classy as hell and really top-notch. Wear it to dates, interviews, defending your thesis, writing a novel, sculpting your next masterpiece– anything where you want to to feel a little more confident and powerful. It’s low-key and subtle, but ah-mazing.

My personal notes from wearing The Stuff: it’s SO DISTINGUISHED. The sandalwood and bergamot are strongest at first on me, citrusy Earl Grey brightness on top of the sandalwood’s creamy, mellow softness, then drying out into a smooth sophistication as that Atlas cedar EO comes through with just enough wood. I’m half tempted to put some in my bathwater for a long soak.

Released: May 2018

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