Resin & Root

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

Resin & Root: three ambers, copal, three gingers, vetiver, white musk, black tea, sandalwood, forest dirt, and cypress essential oil. No patchouli, despite it being a very popular root– while many people like patchouli, many also do not, and I wanted to give them more options.

This scent was born out of a birthday request for something “similar” to Seagull Eating a Starfish, and looking at the ingredients and sniffing the sniffs, I realized that there really wasn’t anything else in the catalogue with a similar feel. The ginger in this is meant to snuggle up to that vibe while remaining distinctly a new thing. I feel like this succeeded! It’s had lots of compliments from testers (and random humans smelling those testers out in the world), and is one of my favorite blends. I put in firmly in the category of “sophisticated.” It makes me feel classy and well put-together, and remains decorous rather than riotous. 

Released: October 2018

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