The Iridescent Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla as a Nicobar Pigeon (aka, Nicobar Tesla)

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

The Iridescent Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla as a Nicobar Pigeon (aka, Nicobar Tesla): lilac, violet, blue tansy EO, lime EO, Italian lemon EO, orange EO, red currant, black cherry, and white musk, with sea-grey ambergris to tie it gently together. Nicobar pigeons are gorgeous things, and I think Tesla would enjoy the chance to fly. White musk is there not just because all the colors in light together combine into white light, but for the white pigeon friend he knew at the end of his life. Grey is present because the truth of people is never really black and white, but shades of grey– we love Tesla, celebrate his accomplishments, and sympathize with his tragedies and difficulties, but rumor has it that he wasn’t always a nice person, either. Black must be there too, because all the colors of paint mixed together are black, and so many of us are artists (yes, you too. If you create, you are an artist, no matter how good you think it isn’t) that it would be remiss not to include that too. Also, it’s an excuse to get excited about the science of color, just a tiny bit. A very tiny bit. Personally, I never liked picking a favorite color; now I always say rainbow hematite, because I need them all… plus a little shiny.

This scent is extra limited, because I only have a small amount of blue tansy essential oil, and I will run out sooner rather than later. It also costs a little bit more, because it’s expensive stuff, but it’s really cool– it’s actually blue, really blue, not just a little bit blue. It is also used in skincare due to anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal tendencies. HOWEVER, and this is important, blue tansy is also known as Moroccan chamomile. If you’re allergic to chamomile or ragweed, please do not put blue tansy on yourself. It might cause an allergic reaction. You probably already know if you get hay fever, though.

Released: October 2018

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