Vintage Silk

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description: Vintage Silk: vanilla, a fading yellow rose, cardamom, saffron, white musk, rice milk, raw sugar, and a dusty hint of tobacco smoke. I thought this was going to be Vintage Lace, but it’s not. It’s that fine, age-yellowed antique silk that is so old it shatters if you touch it wrong– lining-silk, on garments and fine lampshades– and that thicker, sturdier old silk that does hold up to time if handled carefully, and retains that ineffable fragrance of times past and the original owner– your great-grandmother, perhaps, or a favorite aunt. It might be something you found rather than inherited, but it carries the weight of history and beauty regardless, and you treasure it. When you unfold the cloth to see the parts that were never touched by sunlight, the dye is as vibrant as when it was young, and you have a window into time that shows you what it looked like decades ago. This… is for that feeling.

Released: October 2018

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