Magic Radon-Detecting Plants

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

Magic Radon-Detecting Plants: Biological-alert components in my science always feel like magic to me– you know, fitting that old saying about sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic and vice versa. Things like… glasses that let a person see new colors… the ability to see and talk to someone on the other side of the world with an object I can hold in my hand… plants that communicate other things to us than our own personal aptitude for gardening.

These are the sorts of things we didn’t have when Star Trek first came out, and… now, we do. These concepts have gone from children’s crayon drawings and scientists and artists’ excited whiteboard plans to things we can take for granted in everyday life… but maybe we should stop and smell the poison-detecting roses once and awhile, too, and remember how nifty they really are. For myself, it never fails to put our technological leaps into a sort of awed perspective when I remember that an average mobile phone in the palm of someone’s hand has more processing power than the room-sized computers NASA had when we went to the Moon.

This one smells like whiteboard markers, wax crayons, sour apple, tomato stems, and magic sparkles.

Released: Volcano Collection Part 2

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