Pele’s Rest Day

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

After all the recent volcanic activity and lava fountains, now it’s time for a nap. Please?

This is a confection meant for lazy sipping, or repeated sniffing– the sips of the nose. Rich Kona coffee, sweetened coconut milk, lava-charred trees*, smoky clove bud and cinnamon leaf, pimento, and red musk.

*I originally wrote this as “charred lava trees,” but then my mom pointed out that the trees in Lava Tree Park (which I had been thinking of) are not actually preserved wood. The trees were wet when the lava came to envelop them, and so they held their shape longer as the lava climbed higher, coated them, and made molds of the trees that burned up inside the lava casts. Sadly, you can’t go in Lava Tree Park anymore due to the huge @#$@ing fissures that developed after the recent earthquakes and general, erm, fissure activity… but you can see pictures, and I can tell you about it, because I went there several times before it was closed. They looked like skeletal burned trees, fairly short ones, dotting the black lava flow ground like a stunted, leafless orchard. I didn’t notice that they were actually rock, because they looked like trees, and it seemed disrespectful to touch them, so I didn’t.

Released: Volcano Collection Part 2


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