Snake Amber

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

The world’s oldest baby snake was recently found preserved in amber. At only 5 cm (though also missing a skull), it is indeed a very smol snek. I have liked snakes ever since I touched a ball python as a kid and discovered their fascinating texture: not slimy, but a smooth, cool softness over muscle like living steel (and of course, it helped to realize that properly approached, they have no interest in biting me). I’ve been a fan of amber for even longer, as the amateur gemologist so many of us are– shiny, beautiful, valuable stuff that you can just find, if you know where to look! The marriage of these two interests, then, comes together naturally in a fond scent-sory tribute to this very antique smol snek who has graciously given us some very cool new info about ancient snakery.

This scent has kumquats and satsumas, orange as amber and also quite smol. Lovely orange neroli. White grape, small but possessed of a bright scent and flavor. Amber, of course– and benzoin, and myrrh, thick and preservative resins. Sandalwood and sweet musk for softness, milk for the milk teeth reference, buttered vanilla for a ball python morph joke, and the old, rich classic sneknard. I mean spikenard.

Released: Volcano Collection Part 2

1 thought on “Snake Amber”

  1. Interesting. I smelled something almost fizzy and lemon-lime at first, which makes sense looking at the satsuma/kumquat portion. Unfortunately, along with that was a TON of powder and a little bit of woodiness, which has to be the sandalwood and likely the amber. This wasn’t a winner for me.

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