Lau Lau KaPOW!

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

This one’s for the guiltily delectable scent of burning sugar cane fields: wild ginger cooked with pineapple and lychee, toasted coconut, the green scent of the nearby rainforest, and… is that roast pork I smell?

Wild pigs are very much a thing here, and people often trap and eat them. Lau lau is a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of pork wrapped in taro leaves with butterfish, then wrapped in ti leaves and steamed in a coal pit on the sand under it’s fall-apart tender. I personally think it’s best served with coconut rice, so I’ve included that in this olfactory roundup.  Wave this scent at people to make them hungry and confused. “Do you… smell like an amazing pork dish?” Pretend that you now think they might be a cannibal and see what they do.

I thought long and hard about this one and decided that I’d put the eau de roast pork in a separate squee when you order a bottle of this, so that you can make the call about confusing your friends and enemies versus sparing the wildlife today.

Released: Volcano Collection

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