Pele Creme Brulee

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

a Hawaiian take on the delicious burnt-sugar and custard treat that so many of us love. The Volcano House restaurant which overlooks the caldera by a more than respectable distance serves a rather nice creme brulee, usually vanilla or mango. I’ll be honest, I’ve only been a few times with guests, but I’ve had the creme brulee almost every time because I love the stuff so much. This is my take on it, a little tongue in cheek as all of my rhyming Hawaiian scents are– inspired by living 14 miles from Fissure 8, which I can see lighting up the night sky with reflected lava-orange as soon as it gets dark. (It feels a lot closer than 14 miles when I stand in my yard and look at it, but I’m well out of range of any lava bombs it throws, so no need to worry.) 

This creme brulee, in honor of Pele who is reputed to like sweet offerings, folds a pina colada blend of pineapple juice and coconut into vanilla custard and toasty caramelized sugar, with a dab of white musk to help it stick longer. You may also notice a few tiny black specks now and then as you apply the oil. Worry not! Those are real vanilla bean seeds, grown on this same island, at a local farm I got to visit and buy some beans to use in making my own infused oil. I’m pretty excited about that, and if you like sweet things, you should be excited about this scent. When I tested it on my mom by waving my wrist at her, her eyes widened and she said “MINE.” So… if you’re looking to smell like a pina colada creme brulee, I think I’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

Released: Volcano Collection

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