About Us

Indie Scent Library is a place to post or read indie perfume reviews. Our goal is to get as many scents as we can into a single, easy to search space.

Our Story

The idea for Indie Scent Library started one fateful autumn day in 2017. There was a thread on Reddit-in the subreddit r/indiemakeupandmore- discussing the lack of a permanent, searchable place to find perfume reviews. One fellow user suggested a WordPress website and I was enraptured by the idea. I spent the next 3 months madly creating scent listings and occasionally taking coffee breaks. To my delight, I launched Indie Scent Library launched in February 2018 with over 2500 scents listed from 30 different brands. Within the past year and a half our site has tripled in size! This couldn’t be possible without the support and interest of a wonderful indie perfume community.


Hello, I’m Kara! I love indie perfumes, hiking, indie board games and dogs. I am passionate about supporting small businesses. Especially coffee shops!

Favourite Scent Notes: Woods, Smoke, Patchouli, Snow, and Pumpkin.

Favourite Caffeine Jolt: Cappucinos, iced coffee, and the occasional London Fog.

Favourite Colour: Blue

ISL was featured on episode 7 of the Fearless Broadcast Podcast by Sucreabeille owner, Andrea Fender. Check it out here.