What exactly is this place?

Indie Scent Library is a place to post or read indie perfume reviews. Our goal is to get as many scents as we can into a single, easy to search space.

How do I know which scents already have reviews?

Bolded scent names have reviews. Regular font scent names are still waiting for someone to break the ice.

How do I make a review?

Find the page for the scent and leave your review as a comment. It’s as simple as that.

I want to review a scent that doesn’t have a page. How can I do that?

We would love your help to get as many reviews as possible. Submit a request form and we can create a new page as soon as possible.

I want to review a discontinued scent which no longer has a scent description from an official source. How can I do that?

Discontinued scents can still be requested. If the brand’s website or social media no longer has the scent description you may provide a link to another source such as a blog. As long as we can confirm the scent description from two separate sources we can create the listing.

The scent I want to review is from a brand not yet on the site. Can I request the brand be added?

Of course! As long as the brand is indie.

What makes a brand indie?

The definition is of indie perfumes is a controversial subject. For the purpose of this site perfumeries have to meet 2 of 3 pieces of criteria:

  1. Independently owned
  2. Independently manufactured in house by owner or their team
  3. Independently distributed by the owner or by other independently owned businesses

Is this a good place for discussion?

It’s meant as an easy to use resource, so discussion isn’t the focus. A great place to discuss indie perfumes is r/indiemakeupandmore.