We at Indie Scent Library love resources! Helping consumers make informed choices is so important. Here are some great resources created by fellow indie lovers. Do you know a helpful resource that isn’t listed here? Let us know in this request form.

The Indie Library

“On Indie Mood, we have expanded on the original Indie Scent Library (with permission, of course, from the creator) to include reviews on indie makeup, skincare, bath and body products, and more! Have some thoughts about a particular indie product? Want to share some swatches? Here is the place to do it!”

Indie Marketplace and Forum

“Our forum was created as a place for everyone to browse reviews of products from all sorts of indie makers. Feel free to create an account and post a review of something you’ve tried. Don’t want to create an account? No worries, you can read to your heart’s delight without one!”

Indie Perfume Guide

“Hello annnnnd welcome to the marvelous world of Indie Perfumes! Now, if you’re new here, you may be thinking… “Dear God, you need a guide for this?!” – But fear not! I will be as concise and straightforward as possible, and you will be happilly smelling your wrist and wondering “Daisy Marc Jacobs who???” in a short while. So, let’s get into it.”


Various spreadsheets with info such as regional brands, scent filters for specific brands, among other things.