Blue Moon Eclipse

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description:

An olfactory place of solace – the coolness of ferns and delicate irises beside tumbling woodland streams scattered with mossy rocks, water lilies, flowering rushes, black willow, ginger musk, and a whispering breeze of lemon verbena infused aldehydes gathered into a tarnished antique silver pitcher filled with early autumn chrysanthemums.

The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century took place on the full moon of July 27, 2018. It was viewed by astrologers as a harbinger of intense transformation and change – like a snake shedding its skin. This delicately introspective blend was created to bring balance to times of great emotional intensity.
“I am your moon and your moonlight too
I am your flower garden and your water too
I have come all this way, eager for you
Without shoes or shawl
I want you to laugh
To kill all your worries
To love you
To nourish you.”
― Rumi

1 thought on “Blue Moon Eclipse”

  1. This one is so bizarre. It smells like citronella candles with melon and soft florals in the background on me. I disliked it at first, but it’s grown on me.

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