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  1. This review is for 🔵Vaudezilla🔵

    Notes: benzoin, vanilla, labdanum, Santalum, red musk.

    Right away when I smell this, I’m reminded of Hedone. Vaudezilla and Hedone share the same wonderful grapey red musk note that I’m so fond of. Hedone is sweet and has a spiced edge to it. Vaudezilla has an animalic almost pissy edge to it that takes some time to settle down on my skin. Both scents are very much red musk dominant. So much so in fact I feel like you really only need either Hedone or Vaudezilla in your repertoire depending on if you like your red musk scents on the sweeter side or not. I personally prefer the sweetness of Hedone but I can appreciate Vaudezilla as well. Once Vaudezilla settles on my skin it’s all red musk and nothing else. This isn’t a complaint. Since I already own quite a few red musks that smell akin to Vaudezilla, I have to say I prefer the spiced honeyed sweetness of Hedone to Vaudezilla. I wonder if the urine like smell that I get on the initial application of Vaudezilla will disappear as the oil ages? Maybe there’s a small chance that my monthly female cycle is altering how Vaudezilla smells on my skin. I’ll have to test that theory at another time and see if Vaudezilla wears differently. Bottom line is if you’re a fan of red musk then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll enjoy Vaudezilla. If you’re not a musk fan, stay far far away.

  2. I’m going to start writing new reviews for brand scents under the first listing on the scent list (Hex’s being 50 Shades). I need to put them down somewhere before I forget. At first I was thinking to try and go alphabetical but I figure it’s easier to click on the brands scent list and check under the first listed scent on the list for additional reviews. I hope this will be useful to others. On to the reviews…

    (notes: white/yellow frosted cake accord)

    Something in this wants to veer to plastic on my skin. For about the first 30-45 minutes of wear I amp that plastic note. It ends up calming down into a sweet vanilla scent and fades out after about 3 hours. The smell of Cake when it’s dried down reminds me of cross between Possets Silver Vanilla minus the Silver base and Haus of Gloi’s Birthday Cake (which also goes plasticky on me). I wouldn’t really call this a cake smell on me but more of a sweet gourmand vanilla. The kind of vanilla you bake with.
    (notes: spiced honey, date sugar, tonka bean, red musk)

    If you’re a fan of red musk then I highly recommend Hedone. It’s got this grape like tinge to it and I cannot get enough. I’m not sure what spices are in the honey but it’s definitely not cinnamon or anything that makes me think of a fall candle. Hedone is a scent that’s so much more than the sum of it’s parts. The star is definitely the red musk. This perfume oil has superior longevity, I can still smell it on me after 10 hours. Musky, sweet, sensual.

    *Hygge* (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ The Danish expression the emphasizes finding joy in everyday moments)
    (notes: stroopwafels, cardamom-infused custard, oatmeal porridge, pink peppercorn, smoked vanilla, myrrh, fir balsam)

    If you’re a cardamom fan, then you need to try Hygge. The cardamom-infused custard is to die for! There’s a stage where something in this turns a bit plasticky but it’s short lived and the accompanying notes of myrrh and fir balsam are strong enough to beat it back on my skin. I think it’s the custard. I recognize the smoked vanilla in here from Black Mass. And I swear ‘m getting hints of a sweet musk even though it’s not listed. I was worried that I’d end up smelling like a soggy bowl of oatmeal but that’s so not the case. Grain notes make me nervous but I have nothing to fear from Hygge. I’ve never heard of a stroopwafel before this but I keep finding excuses to say the word. Lol, it sounds like a name I would’ve picked for my band back in my school days. I can see it now… Stroopwafel. Hygge lasts around 8-9 hours on me before mellowing into a snuggly vanillic cardamom skin scent that fades away. My only regret is that it took me this long to try it out. Hygge smells fantastic, it’s an aptly named cozy scent that brings me joy.

    1. —————————————————————————————————————
      🍒*Luxe Cerise*🍒
      (notes: tonka bean, cherry, star anise, almond, amber, lemon blossom)

      When I first apply this on my skin, it smells like cherry Laffy Taffy. The cherry recedes and the other notes combine to smell like a lemony root beer with a cherry Laffy Taffy background. I want to make sure Laffy Taffy isn’t confused with salt water taffy. LC has a straight up cherry Laffy Taffy note. This is really weird with my skin chemistry and it reminds me of a smell from childhood that I cannot place. Ambers can go wonky on me and turn to “doompowder”. Thankfully that’s not happening with Luxe Cerise. While I don’t dislike any of the notes listed, LC just doesn’t seem to jive with me. Oh hell, it just clicked what this smells like…you know that god awful gunk they use at the dentist to take impressions of your teeth? Well that’s what I’m reminded of. I doubt that was the smell that Caroline was going for. I think my skin chemistry has gone to the dark side when it comes to Luxe Cerise. I’m glad I was able to try it but this one is a pass for me. It’s undetectable on me at the 3 hour mark.

      1. —————————————————————————————————— 🎃At October’s Table👻

        Notes: smoked vanilla, vegan beeswax, honeyed pumpkin, roasted marshmallows, tonka, nutmeg, clove, kindling branches and cassia.

        I’m not sure what’s going on here but this wears exactly the same as Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe aka Papa Legba. I always amplify (unlit) tobacco notes in perfume oils. What’s really strange is there is zero tobacco listed in AOT yet it wears pretty much identical to CNPUP. At October’s Table has more character but the additional notes are overshadowed by a strong unlit honeyed tobacco that blooms on my skin. It was still going strong at the 4 hour mark. I wore this over the weekend in warm weather and I enjoyed it but, this is much more suited as a fall/winter weather scent. Maybe more notes will pop up in the cooler weather? For now, the smoked vanilla and the roasted marshmallows aren’t present on me. This seems to be a trend with Hexennacht’s vanilla and marshmallow notes and my skin chemistry, it’s hard to detect them on my skin yet they show up on my clothing. I WILL find a marshmallow perfume oil that sticks around on me if it’s the last thing I do!!!

      2. ——————————————————————————————————🟣Pastel Goth🟣

        Notes: marshmallow, buttercream, black violet, black violet leaf, raspberry-rose compote.

        I really enjoy the raspberry note that I get on my skin from Pastel Goth. Sadly it doesn’t last very long. The rose part of this perfume oil is amping on me and giving me Grandma vibes. Also something in this is reminding me of plastic doll head. I think it may be the black violet doing this on my skin. It’s strangely nostalgic and comforting in a weird way. This scent profile isn’t what I normally gravitate towards but I’m glad I tried it all the same. The rose note is much too strong on me. This is what I feared would happen. I have issues with berry notes going artificial and plastic on my skin but I’ve done well with Hexennacht’s raspberry and strawberry notes in past blends (Southern Hospitali-tea and Sufganiyot) and I would love to see that raspberry note featured in other perfume oils. After an hour or so the rose finally calms down but the journey to reach that dry down stage just isn’t worth it to me. That rose is bitch smacking me in the face! The marshmallow and buttercream never do make an appearance but that’s the usual way my chemistry rolls with those particular notes from Hexennacht.

    2. This review is for ▪️Dreamweaver▪️

      Notes: sweet pillowy marshmallow, lavender and mugwort.

      Right away Dreamweaver gives me vibes of Epically Epic’s Ceiling Stars…Dreamweaver has the addition of mugwort while Ceiling Stars has that strawberry note. I like this one more than Hexennacht’s Calm the Fuck Down. Dreamweaver definitely wears mugwort-heavy on me. The mugwort takes about 15 minutes to settle down on my skin. The marshmallow fades rather quickly into a sweet white sugary note that mixes with the lavender. Hexennacht’s lavender note can go strangely sour on me but the mugwort and sugary remains of the marshmallow keep it in check. I’m torn now on getting a 8.5ml of Dreamweaver or Sleep Paralysis to keep next to my bed as a sleep scent. The more I wear this, the more it grows on me. Sadly Dreamweaver is completely gone at the 2 hour mark, even if I slather it makes no difference. When it comes to longevity on my skin Sleep Paralysis is the winner. If I need a lavender marshmallow fix then I’ll be using my Ceiling Stars which I prefer to this because again, longevity. Dreamweaver dries down to a soft scent that wears close to the skin on me. One of the more subtle perfume oils that I’ve tried but that makes sense if Caroline was aiming for a sleep scent.

  3. Yup, two notes that rarely work for me. I knew that going in, and I don’t like it at all. No surprise! The leather is way too strong, and the rose is super straightforward (and plain “red”, to my nose, if that makes any sense). I don’t see them as a good match, but I am very biased. My skin is amping them both to hell and since I don’t dig either one, I’m not happy. This is an absolute disaster on me! I will say that I prefer this to Whip. The floral is a much better complement to that strong leather than sweetness. I still can’t/ won’t wear either one, but there’s my two cents. Very easy pass.

  4. he best leather rose I’ve ever owned. The leather note in Black Baccara Vampire Romance was so funky, there are a few others that just didn’t cut it either. This one smells like a brand new black leather jacket carelessly tossed atop a bouquet of fresh red roses. I’ve been looking for this one for a long time. Perfection

  5. Leather and rose, except Caroline’s leather is so exquisite. It sticks close to my skin, with the fragrant rose wafting out, the leather leaving a trail. I’ve kind of been obsessed with leather notes for a while and have been craving this blend since I realized how much I like rose. It’s exactly as described, but better than you can imagine.

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