2 thoughts on “MMMM! (Melty Minty Marshmallow Mocha)”

  1. On my skin this starts out smelling like something between Andes Candies and Girl Scout Thin Mints. As the peppermint fades this blend mellows out into a mocha hot chocolate scent. Lasts a solid 5 hours on my skin before I can not longer smell it. Once again, this oil lasts much longer on clothing and blankets. This oil is a bit of a double edged sword for me, I enjoy it but it makes me hungry for sweets.

  2. Oooh… I thought this would be like the combo of Swiss Miss + Mallowmint I wore a lot over the holidays, but the mocha latte enhances it way more than expected. There’s such deft layering of each piece here, the transitions exquisite and seamless. I get real serious coffee vibes without it being blaring. Very cool. I’m feeling like a sophisticated barista. It smells a lot like what I wish Kona Mocha was, but no sketchy cream in this one to flub it up for my nose! I really dig it. It holds steady on my skin and I notice that the peppermint bark is a more subtle mint component than Mallowmint too, so it cleans it up while sticking to the background. This is a perfect chocolate holiday coffee fragrance, everything balanced and blended into a new whole. I would wear this as is too since there’s not a single thing to be desired. Solid perfume choice for winter catalog purchasing. I’m all in.

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